This project was developed through a collaborative process and is the result of the effort, intellect, and commitment of many organizations and individuals.

LARC Executive Committee

Jonathan Parfrey
Shannon Parry
Stephanie Pincetl, Chair
Steve Baule

Project Manager

Zoe Elizabeth

Project Partner

LA County Metro was LARC’s official partner on this project. In addition to providing strategic oversight and managerial support, Metro developed a companion tool, the Transit Supportive Planning Toolkit. The Toolkit supports local action to create transit-supportive places by outlining the mobility, environmental, and economic benefits, providing examples of best practices in land use, urban design, affordable housing, finance, and community engagement, and an offering a suite of case studies from around the region and nationally.

Strategic Advisors

Terry Watt
Walker Wells

LARC Staff

Krista Kline (former)
Kristen Holdsworth (former)
Zoe Elizabeth

Contributing Authors

Alyssa Mann
Celine Kuklowsky
Ethan Elkind
Felicia Federico
Gary Gero
Juan Matute
Juliette Hart
Katharine Reich
Stephanie Pincetl
Zoe Elizabeth


The following people reviewed and provided feedback on this project at various stages of development:

Anne Kjemtrup
Celine Gallon
David Fink
Deborah Brandes
Drew Boronkay
Elena Maggioni
Gary Gero
Ginachi Amah
Hilda Blanco
Hillary Firestone
Ignacio Fernandez
Ivar Ridgeway
Jacob Lieb
Jess Dutton
Jonathan Parfrey
Juan Matute
Laura Zahn
Lauma Jurkevics
Lee Alexanderson
Lena Luna
Marc Costa
Mark Gold
Marty Meisler
Melinda Bartlett
Michael Manville
Mohja Rhoades
Phyllis Grifman
Sabrina Bornstein
Shannon Parry
Stephanie Pincetl
Steve Baule
Terry Watt
Youn Sim

Funding was provided by the California Strategic Growth Council


Identity design

Yay Brigade

Website design and development

Yay Brigade

Web hosting provided by the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Image credits

Public Health – kids in park photo by Dario Griffin

Climate Impacts & Energy – windmill photos by LADWP

Transportation – Metro Bike Share photo by Metro

Transportation – crosswalk photo by LADOT